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Had to leave my car in the middle of the night to an overnight attendant who was very accommodating and got a call early next morning about options & cost. Everything went very smooth and cost effective. This is my new go to shop as long as a live in this area.
Recommended? Yes | by Robert Harrow , Jul 13, 2022
Called to check into appointment for AC issue. David was incredibly helpful walking me through issues and, because of newness of vehicle, referred me to dealer in case other issues came up not releated to a routine recharge. Just a very professional, honest and customer-focsued experience *even though*, under the circumstances, going to dealer made more sense. Thank you David...
Recommended? Yes | by Phillip Poirier , May 25, 2022
Honest, fair, quick. Been going here for over 12 years with great service and no problems. Highly recommend.
Recommended? Yes | by Matt McGhee , May 18, 2022
Wonderful service - always friendly and willing to take extra time to explain what's going on.
Recommended? Yes | by Raz Lev , May 08, 2022
The Car Doctor staff were great....very efficient and professional. I highly recommend them!
Recommended? Yes | by Ava Eagle , Jan 05, 2022
I have been going to car doctor for about 20 years, now. Way back then, I realized, their foremost concern is safety. If your ride isn't safe, neither are you! This last time, my O2 sensor was causing the check engine light to go on. I was a gearhead growing up, and they are aware of this. When I called, Chris first advised me on some service I myself could do, with the hope we could address this in a more cost efficient manner. When that didn't work, I took my van in and with more diagnostic work, they were able to take care of my issue quickly and pretty economically. My job takes me all over CA and beyond. I need my van to be reliable so that I can go on the road in a moments notice. Car Doctor gives me the peace of mind to get on the road and return safely. In the end, isn't that what we all want?
Recommended? Yes | by Francisco Ochoa , Sep 15, 2021
Had an amazing experience here. They got my 2009 Frontier in for a pre sale inspection last second. Didn’t up sell me on a single thing, just did the work quickly and professionally. Great communication from the team. I’ll be back!
Recommended? Yes | by Benjamin Sampson , Aug 11, 2021
I got a car after starting to work in the Bay Area. I remember the first 3-4 years when I wandered around different dealerships and auto-repair shops recommended by my friends. They may/may not have done a good job, may/may not be good value, but I am not sure if any of them really had my best interest at heart. It is different with the Car Doctor. They take care of your car, and they also take care of your wallet. They've told me that some of the rickety-ness on my 8 y/o Corolla is not safety threatening so don't worry ; they've told me to delay changing brakes/tires because it is still safe to go for another 5000-7000 miles based on my usage pattern; then when the time came, they actually told me that Costco happens to have a great Michelin tire deal at that time and I should go there. So when they say something "is" required, I listen. For instance they probably recommend oil change slightly more frequently than what's advised for synthetic oil. But that is because they want my CRV to go 500k miles. (apparently that is very doable) (and for any lingering doubters, there's barely any profit margin for oil change) It has been about 7 years since my first visit. I've moved from Mountain View, to Santa Clara, and now to East San Jose, but I continue to make the trek (ok, drive) to the Car Doctors every 6-9 months, for both my car and my wife's car, to have them maintain it. As I gain my years in adult life, I found out that finding someone who has both good skills AND a good heart is an exceeding rarity. I would wholeheartedly say that the Car Doctor is one of these rare finds, and they deserve every star on their Yelp (and now Google) review.
Recommended? Yes | by John Yu , Aug 11, 2021
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