How to Tell Your Car’s Differential Needs Repairs

Differential Repair Services

Differential Repair

America loves its pickup trucks. They are a do-it-all vehicle for families, farmers, contractors, and everyone in between. Depending on the way they are driven, their differentials may wear out more quickly than normal. One of the ways a differential can go bad is through towing a heavy load like a camper or a boat.

How can we tell when our differential has gone bad and needs a repair?

  • Your Vehicle Drinks Oil
  • Difficulty Steering
  • Grinding, Clunking or Howling Noises
  • Excessive Wear on the Tires
  • Vehicle Vibrates as it’s Accelerating
  • Driveshaft is Out of Balance


<dealer name> has the expertise needed with ASE Certified technicians to get your car or truck back doing what needs to be done for you and your family or job. We offer easy-approval financing plans to help keep a differential repair service within your budget.

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